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Back again

Back again.

So a lot has happened in the last few days. I finally finished the Adobe Creative Residency Application. I got a new job so I’m starting on Feb 19th at a cool agency called EP + Co. It’s wild how by connection is how I got the job and the fact that I’m a skateboarder is the reason why I got the job.

3 good things

Hung out in the morning with someone I’m seeing

Talked to 2 good friends today about love

Took a nap

For the next 30 days, I’m just going to draw skateboard covers. Today’s cover is Tyshawn Jones’s most recent cover of Thrasher Magazine. It’s a feat because it’s the 2nd cover done within a 3 month span. He got the cover back in Jan 2019 and now he gets this cover since he’s skater of the year. Really cool stuff.

I haven’t drawn like this in the longest time. It feels good to draw again though. I forget that drawing was one of the first artistic things that I loved to do. My favorite thing to drawn when I was younger was Dragon Ball Z characters especially Teen Gohan since he was my favorite character. Still waiting for him to have a comeback haha.

Back to what’s going on. I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing this again. I watched a video earlier today that talked about the same thing I’m doing right now. The guy wanted to do art every day because his favorite artists all make something every single day. He only made it to 200 days and then had to stop. When he picked it up again, he realized, instead of making the best piece ever, he should just make something. It goes back to the original intent of this blog which was just to feel productive. I think alongside this I need to start making my zines again.

My friend, Yang, just messaged me as I’m writing this to remind me that this blog is also a representation of the progress that I’ve made as a designer. Pretty good so far. I’ve made a lot of different zines which is cool. Got to practice typography quite a bit and have used the designs in my pieces at work. I just hope that I get more experience like this at the agency.

Bradley Afroilan