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The Last Semester


1st draft of an infographic delineating the roles of ASUC Senator, Pilipinx Community Council Chair, and Community Advocate in order to clarify  our positions in the pilipinx community at berkeley. Made at 1am today to prep for Pil Summit.

talking about community dynamics is a very messy process, but it's an important conversation to have. it's difficult because there are a lot of different people with different ideas of what they want to see happen. like i said yesterday, i'm a turtle. i'm in self preservation mode. i don't want to do things that will burn me out anymore. but if there's one thing that i want to remember today is that in any community, the mission should dictate the programming, the programming should not dictate the mission. i best understand this as do everything from the heart, not out of obligation. and whatever one's vision is, make sure it is based on compassion and love. but this is cheesy because how does one even define love because love can mean so many different things and i think it's meaning is based off of one's past experiences of it. in short, it's subjective. despite this, i do like the idea of a society or vision built on compassion where people empathize with one another and can have trust. oh, that's the other thing. trust is one more thing i'd like to remember.  

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